who we are

why magenta?
Magenta is more than a color as it is made up of equal parts of red and blue light. Suggesting a perfect synergy between the broad services generally handled by large advertising agencies and the personal and attentive treatment of a small communications boutique. It has a hue of 300 degrees, the last 60º being the thorough research and planning that translates into measurable results for our clients. In essence, we take pride in offering a set of valuable services all around.

Magenta is an extra-spectral color, and cannot be generated by light of a single wavelength. Based on integration and strategy, our main philosophy is to reach people throughout multiple wavelengths. We believe in the combination of strategic business consulting, marketing communications, and branding, to encode product personality and values into every aspect of our work.

Magenta is not a buzzword, but it should be!